Recent Before & After Photos

SERVPRO of Balch Springs Helps Local Business

SERVPRO of East Dallas helps a local business affected with a water heater that flooded a storage closet. We were able to salvage the items and install air move... READ MORE

Attic Water Damage In Balch Springs Home

This job required us to suit up and head up into the attic. Thankfully SERVPRO was the necessary equipment to handle this water damage job. Jesus was able to dr... READ MORE

Water Damage in Balch Springs Bathroom

This flooded restroom took one day to completely clean and dry out the restroom floor. SERVPRO of Balch Springs was here to save the day!

Water Damage in Balch Springs Bathroom

When there is a leak or overflowing faucet in a second floor bathroom, the water damage can go well beyond that bathroom. That was the case for a multi unit re... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Balch Springs Providing Storm Damage Repair Services

Roof Damage Causes Water Damage Strong storms can cause wind damage to roofs and windows. If there are heavy rains, extensive flooding can take place. Water Re... READ MORE

Water Damage on Hardwood Floors

This flooded first floor foyer in a condo within a multi unit complex was the result of a toilet supply line that broke in a second story bathroom. More than o... READ MORE

Wet Crawl Space? Call SERVPRO of Balch Springs before it's too late!

Water can get in a crawl space by a plumbing leak, water seepage from heavy rain, or condensation. Humidity condenses on cold surfaces, like ducts, and drips on... READ MORE

Soot and Smoke Odor Can Be Sneaky

Soot covered surfaces all over a house after a small kitchen fire. The fire started in a small pot in the kitchen and was put out within minutes but the damage... READ MORE

Smoke and Soot Damaged Insulation

A small kitchen fire in Dallas, TX did more than cause damage to the surrounding structures and contents. As you can see in this before picture, the insulation... READ MORE

Toilet Leak Floods an Entire House

As a result of a toilet leak on the second story of a house in the Balch Springs area, an entire house flooded. When our team arrived on the job, there was mor... READ MORE